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Who’s to blame for the DNC leaks?

The DNC of course!

As accusations that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his intelligence apparatus orchestrated the DNC leaks continue to flood the web I wanted to take a moment to make a few comments of my own.

Regardless of who provided the compromised data to Wikileaks, it is the repeated incompetence of the DNC staff that is ultimately to blame. As Breitbart has reported:

PHILADELPHIA – After first discovering and acknowledging that a website run by the Democratic National Committee was hacked in April, the same DNC press secretary sent out the password to the DNC’s system on the Committee’s possibly compromised email server not once but twice.

And the leaked emails further reveal the staff’s cluelessness:


I wonder if Eric Walker still thinks it’s “the dumbest thing” he’s ever read.

If you’ll recall, late last year the DNC also had some issues with data mismanagement when the Sanders campaign apparently accessed and downloaded unique voter data that belonged to the Clinton campaign. The Sanders campaign claimed they had previously warned the DNC about the problem:

The Sanders campaign has said the NGP VAN data was vulnerable and that it had warned the DNC in October about problems with the software. Weaver said it was likely that other campaigns accessed Sanders’ voter files, but he did not provide evidence.

It must have appeared that the DNC wasn’t worried about cross-campaign access to unique voter data, so the Sanders campaign decided it wasn’t either. What can be intimated from all this is that the DNC has been repeatedly negligent when it comes to managing their networked resources, and protecting sensitive information. I will not be linking to any of it here, but using the proper search terms you can find sensitive PII of donors that DNC staffers took zero precautions to protect, or transmit securely.

My intent is not to dispute the claim that Russia hacked the DNC, but rather, that such a claim is really besides the point. It is a claim that is meant to distract the American public from the corruption, and the incompetence of the DNC. Between the poor Information Assurance practices of the DNC, and multiple hacks and intrusions into their networked resources, it is plausible that pretty much any other adversary or disgruntled employee leaked the information.

Maybe it was Russia, but maybe it wasn’t. It’s just as likely that a Sanders campaign staffer, disgruntled by the corruption he saw, took it upon himself to provide the information to Wikileaks. And really, could you blame him?

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