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Apophatic Politics:

This would seem to point to a kind of apophatic politics, a politics which keeps its theological soundness (in a way which she feels Niebuhr’s does not) by taking an approach similar to that of Orthodox theology. Orthodoxy holds in dialectic tension the apophatic and the cataphatic tendencies, by keeping what we can know about God in light of the knowledge that our knowledge is insufficient. A sound approach to politics will (hopefully) do the same, because politics which assures itself of the infallibility of its own knowledge is not politics but ideology. And all ideology is, at root, heresy.

It’s safe to say I don’t align myself with almost anything else this author has written(that I have read so far), but the above extraction, I think, captures the spirit of my operational and political ulteriority. I suppose if one must put a name to it, a title in accordance with my recalcitrant nature is only appropriate; call it UltRight.

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